Explosivprogress-GTM EOOD designs and executes drilling and blasting works and provides the relevant required permits. At Client's request, the company performs:  
Drilling and Blasting Works
  • Drilling and blasting works for quarries.
  • Drilling and blasting works for construction of roads, highways, road sections, construction sites, etc.
  • Special blasting operations.


Monitoring of blasting operations

Explosivprogress-GTM EOOD disposes of modern equipment and software products of world’s leading companies such as Geosonics and NOMIS, the USA and MREL and WipWare, Canada. The monitoring of blasting operations includes:

  • Measurement of explosion-seismic parameters by ensuring explosion-seismic protection of buildings and facilities. 



  • Specifying the granularity of blasted and/or broken rock mass.



  • Measuring the detonation velocity of explosives in real working conditions.



Transportation of hazardous goods in conformity with ADR



  • Drilling and Blasting Works
  • Monitoring of blasting operations
  • Transportation of hazardous goods in conformity with ADR
  • Specialized protective measures and security in conformity with ADR

Our Clients

  • Chelopech Mining EAD
  • ELM-Trading EAD
  • Geotechmin OOD
  • Ellatzite-Med AD
  • Patstroy-92 AD
  • Roads and Equipment EAD

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