Explosivprogress-GTM EOOD is an exclusive distributor of water resistant emulsion explosives, which are produced at Ellatzite explosive factory. Since 2007 these products have acquired a CE certificate allowing their sale on the international market. We offer the following products:

Water resistant emulsion explosives

  • Emulsion brand Elacit 710 – cartridged water resistant emulsion explosive, sensitive to plain detonator.

- Diameters of Elacit 710: 28 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm, 90 mm.

- Length of the monocartridge of Elacit 710 – from 300 mm to 1,000 mm.



  • Emulsion brands Elacit 1100 and Elacit 3400 - cartridged water resistant explosives which are initiated by an intermediate detonator.

- Diameters of Elacit 1100 and Elacit 3400: 100 mm, 120 mm and 130 mm.


Blasting agent ANFO-Е


Matrix solution 501

– An intermediate product used in manufacturing of the emulsion explosive Elacit 1100. Matrix solution 501 is used in the production of heavy ANFO-E.


  • Drilling and Blasting Works
  • Monitoring of blasting operations
  • Transportation of hazardous goods in conformity with ADR
  • Specialized protective measures and security in conformity with ADR

Our Clients

  • Chelopech Mining EAD
  • ELM-Trading EAD
  • Geotechmin OOD
  • Ellatzite-Med AD
  • Patstroy-92 AD
  • Roads and Equipment EAD

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